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There has been an unusual fatality among the pioneers of Dakota during the year.
Among the 1917 deaths of persons of state-wide acquaintance are the following:


Alseth, John L., pioneer of Volga and legislator, October 30, aged 61.

Barron, Charles H., pioneer and legislator of Ipswich, November 12, aged 57.

Belding, John P., pioneer of Deadwood and long in Federal Service, February 17, aged 81.

Benedict, Willis E., pioneer of Canton, Hot Springs and Belle Fourche, August 17, aged 59.

Bigelow, George M., at Sioux Falls, January 19, aged 61.

Bower, J. C., pioneer of Vermillion, at Rapid City, September 14, aged 78.

Burtt, Albert W., former Attorney General and Regent of Education, at Kalispell, Montana, January 6, 1917, aged 84.

Campbell, Louis C., former Insurance Commissioner, at Sioux Falls, August 18, aged 59.

Cressy, Erastus T., pioneer newspaper man of Huron, at Sioux Falls, February 2, aged 79.

Crippen, David R., pioneer of Fort Pierre, June 1, aged 89.

Cummings, Rev. E. B., pioneer and legislator of Kingsbury County, at Indianapolis, January 15, aged 77.

Davis Park, notable lawyer of Sioux Falls, died August 19, aged 80.

Ede, Ernest D., lawyer and legislator, Huron, November 26, aged 41.

Evans, Mrs. Fred, Hot Springs, pioneer and wife of notable freighter of Black Hills trail, March. 12, aged 72.

Fletcher, James H., First Lieutenant Governor, at Portland, Oregon, April 13, aged 82.

Glass, Wilbur S., notable lawyer and legislator of Watertown, July 16, aged 65.

Grigsby, Col. Melvin, pioneer of Sioux Falls, lawyer and Colonel of Grigsby' Cowboys in Spanish War, aged 72.

Goddard, Thomas M., pioneer and legislator of Sully County, former commandant Soldiers' Home, February 3, aged 71.

Gunderson, Harvey, pioneer of Clay County, former Commissioner of the Soldiers' Home at Vermillion, July 15, aged 76.

Hanson, Major Joseph R., first settler of Yankton and holder of many public positions, at Yankton, February 6, aged 80.

Hanger, Sigrud O., banker of Yankton, January 20, aged 48.

Hogoboom, Milo C., pioneer of Minnehaha and Lincoln Counties, at San Diego, California, March 24, aged 75.

Jewett, Madam Sarah, mother of the notable Jewett Brothers at Sioux Falls, August 23, aged 92

Keller, Dr. A. H., physician, Sioux Falls, November 11, aged 64.

Kennard, George N., pioneer of Brookings County and member of present legislature, died September 3, aged 64.

Kennedy, Charles B., long a banker of Madison, died at Los Angeles, August 21, aged 67.

Kennedy, Cornelius B., pioneer and lawyer of Canton, died September 28, aged 68.

Kingsbury, Rev. Lucien, pioneer, Congregational minister at Sioux Falls, June 8, aged 89.

Kingsbury, Mrs. Lucien, at Sioux Falls, June 18, aged 84.

Kingsbury, Walter R., pioneer of Sioux Falls, brother of Rev. Lucien, at Sioux Falls, May 23, aged 85.

Miner, William, pioneer wholesale merchant of Yankton, at St. Cloud, Minnesota, January 4, aged 77.

Montgomery, Henry, pioneer and legislator of Hanson County, March 10.

Nyberg, Peter J., pioneer merchant of Yankton, April 17, aged 66.

Olney, Dr. Steven, pioneer physician of Sioux Falls, January 5, aged 71.

Palmer, Ed. D., pioneer surveyor of Yankton, September 13, aged 81.

Perry, George H., capitalist and employer of labor, Sioux Falls, June 10, aged 67.

Ryan, F. W., legislator of Jefferson, July 21, aged 55.

Ryan, Timothy, pioneer publisher of Bridgewater, February 6, aged 67.

Sampson, Dr. I. J., physician of Mellette, March 31, 1917, aged 45.

Scott, Samuel, pioneer surveyor of Black Hills, at Hot Springs, March 23.

Silby, George A., veteran of the Civil War, former Adjutant General and National Bank Examiner, at Mitchell, October 13, aged 70.

Southmayd, O. H., engineer, Whitewood, September 17.

Star, Sol, pioneer of Black Hills, at Deadwood, October 12, aged 77.

Steel, Prof. H. J., at Rapid City, March 12, aged 42.

Stillwell, Victor K., pioneer banker and legislator, of Alexandria, July 29, aged 60.

Stutenroth, Dr. Charles W., pioneer of Watertown, at Los Angeles, March 2, aged 75.

Sweeney, Thos., pioneer merchant, Rapid City, October 25, aged 61.

Tenge, Edward, pioneer merchant of Yankton, June 17, aged 69.

Van Benthuysen, Prof. S. D., of Dakota Wesleyan University, July 15, aged 47.

Watson, Jesse B., veteran of the First Dakota Cavalry, 1862-65, died October 30, at Sioux Falls, aged 77.

Wheeler, S. A., former Labor Commissioner, at Santa Monica, California, April 15, aged 76.

Whitehead, Bower T., Prof, in State College, at Brookings, April 1.

Williamson, Rev. John P., Doctor of Divinity, pioneer missionary to the Sioux Indians, on October 4, aged 82.

Woods, Richard J., (Dick Woods) of Sioux Falls, best known man in State, February 7, aged 54.

Ziebach, Mrs. F. M., pioneer of Yankton, died at Winner, August 8.

Signed: Doane Robinson, Sec'y. & Supt. December 1, 1917.



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