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Source: Report and Historical Collections, Compiled by State Department of History Volume IX, Pioneer Deaths, 1916
Among the persons of prominence, resident or formerly resident of South Dakota, dying in 1916, are the following:

Orlin A. Abeel, long editor Alcester Union, at Kirksville, Missouri, September 20, aged 67.

Thomas Ball, postmaster Mitchell, August 9, aged 65.

Mrs. S. A. Boyles, wife of Judge Boyles, Yankton, aged 71.

H. D. Booge, early trader at Yankton, at Topeka, Kansas, June 30, aged 90.

Charles A. Blake, long editor of Wessington Times, at Huron, May 14, aged 60.

Ole Blegstad, pioneer, county treasurer of Duel, Brandt, March 8, aged 68.

Will C. Brown, long publisher of the Hurley Herald, at Whittier, California, November 27, aged 27.

David B. Cable, pioneer, Hudson, January 2, aged 80.

Henry T. Cooper, banker and state senator, Whitewood, Feb. 2, aged 65.

Frank Crane, former state superintendent of schools and clerk supreme court, at Washington, August 11, aged 60.

James Crowe, pioneer, Yankton, October 22, aged 84.

Mrs. Elizabeth Dent, wife of Rev. Thomas J. Dent, Aberdeen, July 8, aged 61.

Samuel Grant Dewell, formerly postmaster at Pierre, at Centerville, November 8, aged 52.

Peter B. Dirks, banker, Chamberlain, September 26, aged 47.

James W. Fowler, lawyer and legislator, Deadwood, August 10, aged 71.

H. J. Frank, legislator, formerly of Canton, at Long Beach, California, in July, aged 75.

John S. Frazee, former president Springfield Normal, at Medford, Oregon, August 26.

Mrs. F. W. Gardner, of Ree Heights, in Minneapolis, July 20.

Carl Gerner, former editor Iroquois Chief, at Waterloo, Indiana, September 26, aged 62.

Stewart Goodykoontz, lawyer, Mitchell, April 26, aged 80.

Mahlon Gore, pioneer editor, of Vermillion, first homesteader in United States, at Orlando, Florida, June 27, 79 years old.

Robert W. Haire, Catholic priest, father of initiative and referendum in America, at Aberdeen, March 4, aged 70.

James Hart, former legislator, at Dell Rapids, August 15, aged 73.

William Jayne, first governor of Dakota Territory, at Springfield, Illinois, March 20, aged 89.

Chas. A. Jewett, wholesale merchant Aberdeen and Sioux Falls, in California.

Edward Larson, pioneer merchant, at Sioux Falls, July 20, aged 79.

John L. Loebs, farmer and seedsman, Aberdeen, April 14, aged 65.

Simeon S. Meigs, commercial traveler, at Huron, August 31, aged 50.

Rebecca, (Mrs. William H.) McVey, pioneer of Yankton, at Portland, Oregon, December 4, aged 73.

Harlan- C. Packard of Redfield, January 6, aged 38.

G. T. Page, physician, formerly of Sioux Falls, at Washington, September 20.

Mrs. Bessie V. Pettigrew, wife of former Senator Pettigrew, at Sioux Falls, April 8, aged 61.

William M. Powers, former mayor of Yankton and commissioner of Charities and Corrections, at Sioux City, April 12, aged 72.

Dr. L. A. Pickering, at Langford, November 3, aged 46.

Henry S. Rowe, banker and wholesaler, at Sioux Falls, July 15, aged 52.

Frank Bradley Smith, pioneer of Hot Springs, at Boulder, Colorado, August 13, aged 84.

William D. Stites, pioneer merchant and official, Sioux Falls, July 17, aged 72.

Haldo Sather, pioneer farmer, Volin, June 12, aged 84.

George H. Shannard, merchant, Bridgewater, June 6, aged 49.

Mrs. George A. Silsby, pioneer of Mitchell, December 4, aged 69.

Charles W. Stafford, former editor and state oil inspector, in Oregon, April 18.

William S. Stockwell, merchant, Yankton, July 26, aged 55.

Elias M. Thomas, Commissioner of Soldiers' Home, Huron, Dec. 4, aged 69.

Horace W. Tilden, D. D., Baptist minister at Pierre and Brookings, died at Dillon, Montana, October 21, aged 76.

Walter Van DeMark, state senator, lawyer, at Alexandria, Jan. 12, aged 34.

Henry Van Woert, Civil War veteran and legislator, at Canistota, March 27, aged 79.

William Walpole, pioneer of Yankton, at Philip, July 18, aged 70.

J. P. Ward, former Regent of Education, at Morgan Hill, California, Sept. 16, aged 82.

Robert Warren, Rhodes Scholar, son of Dr. H. K. Warren of Yankton, at Bordeaux, France, November 24, aged 25.

Eph Whitcher, notable frontiersman, at Chico, Cali., aged 70.

Edward P. Wilcox, Civil War veteran, former merchant and banker of Yankton, at Jamestown, New York, July 10, 1916.

Charles Wright, veteran of the Dakota Cavalry of 1862, at Yankton, April 25, aged 69.

Uriah Wood, veteran of the Dakota Cavalry, at Elk Point, Oct. 29, aged 69.



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